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2.29 daily photo :: something i’m listening to

it was a stunningly beautiful afternoon on this last (leap!) day of february.  after school we walked to the park,View full post »

2.28 daily photo :: money

on the topic of money, what i should have taken a picture of was me walking into the bank earlier today with a check toView full post »

2.27 daily photo :: something i ate

i spotted this while in the tj maxx checkout line last week and decided to give it a try.  sawyer was with me and heView full post »

2.21 daily photo :: a favorite photo of me

this is a standout mount i had done for our bedroom wall that i love. i paired it with this set from redletterwordsView full post »

2.20 daily photo :: handwriting

i am a list-maker.  and i really appreciate good penmanship. and as much as i love my wunderlist app… i stillView full post »

2.16 daily photo :: something new

the kids got a ripstik for christmas, and yesterday was the first day miriam was able to do it!View full post »

2.15 daily photo :: phone

oops…. gettin’ a little behind…. sorry. took this a couple of days late, but this is kind of a commonView full post »

2.14 daily photo :: heart

another pinterest-inspired idea!  heart paper chain for valentine’s day.View full post »

2.13 daily photo :: blue

made a recipe from my pinterest board this morning… {blue}berry almond baked oatmeal yum!View full post »

2.10 daily photo :: self-portrait

was trying to take a pic of my new necklace, and this is what i got.  i kinda like it.View full post »

2.8 daily photo :: sun

during a normal michigan winter, i would have just assumed i would have to draw a sun and take a picture of it forView full post »

2.7 daily photo :: button

i was wondering what to photograph today for this theme, and then noticed the new shirt i had put on faith this morningView full post »

2.6 daily photo :: dinner

honestly i had planned on doing this today before i saw that the photo theme for the day was “dinner”.  iView full post »

2.3 daily photo :: hands

friday night is pizza & movie night at the dietsche house.View full post »

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