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Gretta Grace

We had to say an unexpected goodbye to our beloved dog and friend, Gretta Grace, last night.  She uncharacteristicallyView full post »

30 days of catch-up :: 21

i love it when the pets get in on the family pics, too!View full post »

first egg

levi got a special surprise when he went to clean out the chicken coop today!  our first homegrown egg!View full post »

levi and his chicks

one day during spring break, i walked outside and saw this: my 11 year old boy holding all four chicks in his arms.View full post »

chick pics: the early days

well, first of all in case you missed it there is this adorableness.  pikachoo, reepicheep, aslan, and lucy have beenView full post »

coffee table chicks

i can’t wait until the weather warms up enough that we can take our fast-growing chicks out to play in the grass.View full post »

chickie mug shot

meet my newest obsession.  more pics to come of our four new little family members.  i just couldn’t help butView full post »

kairos project :: nov 25

i had a really nice weekend visiting my friend Jess in Fort Wayne.  i think it had been about 6 years since the lastView full post »

lap dog, take 2

this time with Faith.  ok, not really on her lap, but close enough.  Faith gets really excited to sit down and watchView full post »

lap dog

miriam was making bracelets this afternoon and this is how i found gretta keeping her company.View full post »

silly mommy – moses is the kitty not the baby!!

was reading this story to faith this morning and she thought it was pretty funny when i tried to tell her that theView full post »

cat food coffee

so, we have had to relocate the cat food bowl to up on the table in the entry so that the dog doesn’t eat it. View full post »

dinner helper

i’m having to get used to being intently watched while cooking now that we have a dog.  last night i grabbed myView full post »

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