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butterfly weed

such a shame to call this beauty a weed!View full post »

30 days of catch-up :: 27

my beautiful sister, Jill, and her family… continued from last summer!View full post »

30 days of catch-up :: 26

way back in August i promised more pics of my hike with the Lunsford family… better late than never!View full post »

30 days of catch-up :: 8

as we hunker down during a blizzard, i thought a little color from last summer might be nice today!View full post »

30 days of catch-up :: 6

a few highlights from our Ludington camping trip late last summer!View full post »

huizenga family flashback

a couple of summers ago i photographed my expectant cousin lisa, her husband derrick, and their little dog, gracie, asView full post »

from caterpillar to chrysalis… to butterfly!

last week Sawyer found a monarch caterpillar.  i happened to have a friend over at the time who knew just what to do inView full post »

lunsford family :: preview

 Autumn & Dan love to hike with their three small children.  Last Saturday they invited me along to Pigeon Creek toView full post »

fun in the creek

the boys and their neighbor friends made some good finds in the creek this afternoon with their nets!  a catfish, a fewView full post »

sloothaak family :: preview

a handful from last night’s photo shoot with my sister’s family at saugatuck dunes state park – iView full post »

first egg

levi got a special surprise when he went to clean out the chicken coop today!  our first homegrown egg!View full post »

garden 2014 :: progress

remember where we started in the spring?  things have grown a bit since then! yes, the fence is in bad shape, but it isView full post »

the things i do for my son

“mom, can you take his picture??” as i’m leaning in with my macro lens… “can heView full post »

my girls on the front porch

looking back at my pictures from the spring and summer so far, i see that i have very few of my own kids/family.  loveView full post »


riveting title, i know!  the fact that this subject of this post is even a little bit exciting to me should maybe be aView full post »

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