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the world is colorful once again!  yay spring!!View full post »

30 days of catch-up :: 8

as we hunker down during a blizzard, i thought a little color from last summer might be nice today!View full post »

garden 2014 :: progress

remember where we started in the spring?  things have grown a bit since then! yes, the fence is in bad shape, but it isView full post »


riveting title, i know!  the fact that this subject of this post is even a little bit exciting to me should maybe be aView full post »

climbing peas

one of my favorite things about watching peas grow is these curly tendrils they send out looking to climb whatever theyView full post »

garden 2014 :: beginnings

we doubled the size of our vegetable garden plot this spring.  i want to try to document its progress here this year.View full post »

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